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Entries are sought for the Digital and Broadcasting Media Design Award

Entries are sought for the Digital and Broadcasting Media Design Award

Putting media in front of a global audience with the Digital and Broadcasting Media Design Award

The rapid pace of development in communications combined with the ever increasing capabilities of our portable devices has changed the face of the media industry forever. Broadcast media is consumed in so many different ways today and digital media of various forms has become the accepted norm in many markets, reflecting the changes in how society as a whole communicates and interacts with the world around them. Innovation and excellence of design in Digital and Broadcast media has the potential to make real changes to the long term way the consumer views different types of media. The A' Digital and Broadcasting Media Design Award has been created to honor those who are leading the way in this rapidly changing world of media consumption. Those who are driving through new ideas that make a difference to potentially millions deserve recognition for their efforts, and the A' Digital and Broadcasting Media Design Award brings global recognition and a winners package that ensures the design gets noticed. With a fantastic trophy, a comprehensive PR campaign including press release creation and distribution worldwide and professional marketing advice to help the winners capitalize, it is definitely a prize worth winning. With magazine content syndicated to over 100 magazines around the world, a physical exhibition for the winners and invitations to prime clubs amongst a long list of benefits, the winners of the A' Digital and Broadcasting Media Design Award will have all the tools available to make their winning design a success. Brand recognition and the prestige of winning a globally recognized award plus all those winners package benefits make entry into the A' Digital and Broadcasting Media Design Award something anyone in the industry should be considering, and entries are currently being accepted right now. Details are available on Don’t be yesterday’s media, submit your designs today.


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