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Call for nominations for Engineering Design Awards

Call for nominations for Engineering Design Awards

Construction Design Awards calling for grand engineering projects.

The A’ Engineering, Construction and Infrastructure Design Award is open to professional architects and engineering and construction companies from all over the world, and seeks nominations for projects which are at the concept stage, as well as those that are fully realized. It is part of the A’ Design Awards, which acknowledge those that are leaders in their field. Real estate projects have their own category. The A’ Design Award is much more than an award – it signifies design finesse. Recognized worldwide, this award attracts the attention of companies and other interested groups from across the world. This award would prove to be an important landmark in your career, as it draws attention from companies worldwide. This would be instrumental in furthering your career prospects. Upon winning the award, winners are offered the opportunity to showcase their success. Winners are also featured in the A’ best designs book that is available around the world and which is distributed to the most appropriate and influential people in the industry. The winning designs are featured in our exhibition in Italy. The best designs are permanently showcased. Since this is a concept stage award, it shows that you have achieved success early in your career, giving you a head start on your peers. The winner receives a trophy, a certificate and a sticker template that can be put on their product. The A’ design seal of excellence is valid for the lifetime of the product. The jury is comprised of respected CEOs or head designers of companies, as well as academics such as professors and faculty heads. In addition, your product will be judged by ordinary people in order to eliminate any bias. The final result is the weighted average of all the votes. Top 3 benefits are as follows: 1. Extensive coverage in the global media ensures that you get widespread recognition. 2. The advertising of your product is aimed at the relevant demographic; in other words, those people who are looking for designs like yours. 3. It is possible that winning designs are likely be financially successful due to worldwide exposure. Items that can be submitted to the category: All applicants have to send high-resolution images of their project design along with a presentation. The projects are judged based on architecture, landscaping, interiors and communication. Green and eco projects are given additional credits. The A’ Design Award is open to architects, engineers and construction companies. The competition is currently open for entries (entries are ongoing and perpetual and submissions can be made at anytime). For more information visit If you think you are the next hero of construction industry, submit your project today!


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