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Registrants Sought for an Interface Design Award Competition

Registrants Sought for an Interface Design Award Competition

A Design Award Competition is currently searching for the finest designs in the category of interface and interaction for their yearly competition.

A panel of experts will look at gadgets & electronic interfaces that have been designed by upcoming designers in the field, and some that have been designed by long standing professionals. Interactive interfaces, web designs and more will be considered as viable for this category. Taking an idea for a new interface from the concept stage to the production stage is often a costly process that many designers cannot undertake. The beauty of A' Design Award & Competition is that you can enter your work on interfaces even if the work is still just a concept. Your idea will be considered alongside of the products that have been developed into completion. All applicants are welcome no matter what level your work is at, or what level of designer you are. That means a creation from someone still in school will be equally reviewed alongside creations from known interface professionals. The winners of the A' Design Award & Competition get bragging rights, and they also get an outstanding trophy, the score sheet showing how their design measured up to the other designs that were considered, a good mark design, world design rankings, a physical exhibition of their product, the opportunity to sell their product, press release preparation, invitations to prime clubs, a proof of creation document, and much more. The competition is not a local one. A' Design Award & Competition is a world-wide competition that sends the winning results to hundreds of magazines published in more than twenty different languages. Your interface design will potentially be seen by every expert in this field. You will get the recognition you deserve for the idea you had, and you will get to bask in the glory of winning a prestigious competition. All manners of interactive interfaces will be entered into the competition. Some will be from the best companies around the globe, and then some will be from the future's best minds. To find the complete details on how the competition works, and the deadline for registering you need to go to Take the time to register your idea today.


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