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Call for entries to Awards, Prize and Competitions Design

Call for entries to Awards, Prize and Competitions Design

Every Award, Prize and Competition manager is invited to participate in this competition that celebrates the work of every Accolade, also non-design ones.

The Awards, Prize and Competitions Design is a special competition reserved to those who organize events. So every other Prize, Award and Competition of any kind can submit. The A' Design is not just any Competition: it gives the event a broader recognition, it is a mark of excellence and the indicator of quality as a Competition. Displaying the A' Design logo, which license of use will be given for free to all winners, will result in a worldwide recognition and will capture the attention of design oriented companies. The event who manages to win the prize, after being evaluated by a jury of experts, will be listed as an "Accredited Awards" at A' Design, receive the "Officially Recognized Award Badge", and finally the publication of an article by DesignPRWire and an editorial in DesignAmid Magazine. A' Design Award and competition owns a constantly updated media list available at, in order to communicate news about the contest and its winners. The Winners will receive the A' Design trophy, a 3D stainless steel memento of excellence in Event Organization. Every winning work will be translated into more than 20 languages and winners will be invited to an exclusive Gala-Night in Italy, where they will be celebrated by music and fine traditional Italian food. Also, as a mark of distinction, A' Design each year organizes an exhibition at MOOD - Museum of Outstanding Design where winners works will be displayed for free. In order to join, you have to be a manager or owner of an Event. Each participant is allowed a single entry per year. The award/event submitted will be evaluated by the jury taking into account 200 key points under 18 categories, but the most important ones are transparency, code of conduct fairness, ethics, and methodology. The contest is now accepting new submissions, join now and be a part of this world renowned Competition. For more information please visit


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