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Registrations Wanted for Architecture, Building, and Structure Design Award

Registrations Wanted for Architecture, Building, and Structure Design Award

A Design Award & Competition is accepting applicants with new ideas for their Architecture, building and Structure Design award.

The very best designs for residential structures, hotels, sports facilities, schools, and more will be entered to see which one of the designs is the most innovative of them all. A' Design Award & Competitions winners receive a trophy for their winning entry, and their design will be submitted to 100s of magazines around the world. They will get a press release kit to help them notify the press of their winning status, and they will receive decals they can place on their products so all consumers will know that they won the competition for best design. They will get the opportunity to sell their product design to companies that are interested, and they will receive documentation to prove they are the creators of the design. All registrants benefit from entering the competition because all entries are reviewed and supplied with documents to prove who created them. That makes the process of patenting a product easier. The winning entries will receive enough publicity to create an interest in the product around the world, and that means the designers name will be recognized by people in their field of study. The architecture, building, and structure design award is meant to attract people designing schools, sporting event structures, community convention centers, bridges, residential homes, commercial office buildings, hospitals, clinics, hotels, motels, and all other manner of structures. The entries will be submitted by architecture students who have not yet started out on their career, and companies that have outstanding names in the area of building construction. Some of the entries will be in the concept stage while some of the entries will already be in their production phase. The time to register for this award is now, while A' Design Award & Competition is still accepting registrants in this category. You can get the complete list of details by going to and reading the requirements for applicants. You will also find all of the forms you need to submit your project. Do not put off until tomorrow what you should be doing today.


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