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Call for Submissions to a Packaging Design Award

Call for Submissions to a Packaging Design Award

The Packaging Design Award category of A Design Award & Competition will see entries in all types of packages, from food packages to storage boxes.

This competition showcases the best of the designs for packages and improvements to packaging. Each registrant will receive proof of creation documents that can help them to establish a patent on their product or idea. They will also receive feedback notes from the panel that judges the competition that can help improve the design. The winner will receive offers to purchase the product before they start to market it. The winner of the competition receives a trophy to display proudly. They also receive stickers and seals that state the product was A' Design Award winner. These seals and stickers can be placed on the product packages to show everyone that they are buying one of the best items. They will have their design displayed in written publications, magazines, newspapers, and catalogs of companies all over the world. Their name and their product will receive accolades and recognition from many different sources, and the product will be depicted in the annual book of winners put together by A' Design Award each year. This category will see entries of food packages, and ideas for improvements on food packages, and cans, bottles, cases, cartons, security seals, and any container meant to house another product, or to ship another product inside. These designs will be entered by new design artists with fresh and creative minds, and they will be submitted by food packaging plants, drink distributors, shipping companies, and companies that manufacture toys. Almost everything that we buy is in a package, and the best of those package designs are used by numerous companies. Some of the entries will be in the production phase of their design, but you can also submit entries in the concept stages. Your ideas are valuable and the only way that you can benefit from those ideas is to get them out to the people who can use them. The entry deadline for this year is still far enough away that you can get your design submitted, reviewed, and in the contest. You can go to and get all of the details, and go ahead and register your work while you are there. Your future is waiting.


This article was added on Monday, 2nd of February, 2015 at 10.58 pm by author Mustahida Rahman Tags: food packages, boxes and casings, packs, cans, bottles, bags, competition, drink distributors, cases. Read our copyright policy here.


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