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Entries Wanted for Furniture, Decorative Items, and Homeware Design Award

Entries Wanted for Furniture, Decorative Items, and Homeware Design Award

The A Design Award & Competition is looking for the very best designs for their category of furniture, decorative items, homeware and decor.

By registering your design, whether it is still in the concept stages, or is currently under production, you could gain worldwide recognition from designers, producers, and manufacturers around the globe. Entering the furniture design award competition with A' Design Award could get your design in more than one hundred magazines, publications. Your design will be exhibited in Italy, and if your design is considered to be one of the very best it will remain permanently on exhibit. You will get help in protecting your design, and you will get a press release kit to help you start advertising and marketing your product. Your product will get a seal of design excellence for you to place on the packaging, and that seal will never expire. A' Design Award & Competition publishes a yearly result book that showcases the finest designs entered in their competitions. Those yearly books are distributed amongst companies, and to press members that have an interest in the field of design. The winning design will be introduced to companies that might have a legitimate interest in the product. The winning design will be advertised globally through the press coverage it will receive.In the furniture, decorative items, and homeware competition you can expect to see designs for chairs, tables, stools, benches and all other manners of seating systems. You will see designs for furnishings for every room in a house or office. You will see designs for replacement parts for furnishings that will improve the furniture that people already have. You will see designs for anything that could be used in a home to make the residence more comfortable, or make life easier for the people that live there.Designs in the furniture, decorative items, and homeware competition will be submitted by companies that make glass wares, companies that create and sell bedroom furniture, living room furniture, dining room furniture, and baby furniture. Young designers that are fresh out of school will have entries in this category, and experienced craftsmen that have been designing for decades will also be represented. It is not too late to enter your design in A' Design Award & competition. For complete entrance details go to Do not wait to get your design entered into the competition.


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