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Award for Designers

Award for Designers

Design Awards to recognize, highlight and promote your work.

Recognition is important for a designer, as it opens new doors for him. If you are a designer and you need instant acknowledgement for your designs then the Award for Designers is what you should aim for. Organized by A' Design Award & Competition, the award has got immense potential of publicity. The competition is the biggest and most well known in the designing world. Hence, even a certificate of participation means a lot for a designer. Award for Designers: Get recognized by the leaders. The design competition is held to uphold new designs, fresh concepts and different thinking. The winning prize is the genuine award for designers because it gives them the chance to project their designs to many industry people. The judges of the competition are well known names in the field of designing. They choose the winner based on his ability to showcase his creations. Once the winner is chosen, he gets a chance of flaunting his prize in a variety of ways. He can mention the details of his award in his advertisements, business letter heads and other promotional items. Certainly, it is an award for design publicity, as when a potential client knows that the designer has been honored with such a grand prize, he will be drawn towards him readily. Award for Designers: You just give your best, advertising comes as a bonus. This popular design award comes with a plenty of advertising benefits. Your winning design makes way into the yearbook, gets featured in Salone Del Designer and also earns prominence by way of being included in the winners' exhibition. When the yearbook is sent to a plenty of potential clients, your design automatically receives their attention. Moreover, the exhibition organised by A' Design Award has big names in attendance. They are always on the lookout for inspiring designs and with your design being one of them, your chances of getting hired by them doubles.


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