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International Natural Sciences Design Competition call for entries

International Natural Sciences Design Competition call for entries

Brilliant researchers in Natural Sciences and Mathematics are welcome to join the world renowned Design Competition to stand out in the research field and share their findings with a vast audience.

Researchers and Academics in the field of Natural Sciences and Mathematics are invited to join this academic/ semi-academic competition to show their research results to a global audience. The A' Design contest aims to reach further development in the field of Science by awarding the most brilliant researchers. This award testifies perfection and quality in the field of research, a milestone in a professional career. Winning this prize will ensure the participant the attention of both a general and academic audience, being also a good opportunity to find better and higher profile offers. Each participant in this category has to present a paper, a poster and a presentation in order to make the jury select the best work. As regards to the jury, it is composed of both academic and professional experts who will evaluate the works and produce a Score Sheet that will explain how the research was voted. This score sheet will show three types of score: a total score, a normalized one and a global ranking. If the work is selected, the researcher will be invited to an elegant Gala-Night, a black tie event held in Italy, where the winning works are celebrated and displayed. Throughout the different phases of the competition it is provided to participants a full media coverage, both in traditional magazines and digital publications. Press members will also attend the Gala-Night where they will take pictures of the event and interview the winners. Every winner will be given an elegant black box that contains the A' Design trophy, small in size and designed to look like a piece of jewelry. In order to enter this competition you have to submit an original paper that can date back up to 5 years along with a neat presentation. The works submitted in this category will be subject to peer review and published in the Natural Sciences and Mathematics index in Advanced Design Journal. The competition is about to start, so join now to stand out and make a difference in your field. For further information please visit


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