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Present your innovative idea at the IT Design Competition

Present your innovative idea at the IT Design Competition

Show the entire world your creativity in the field of information technologies and open a way for your computer program or mobile application to the market

Information technologies are no longer a novelty, but constant progress opens the door for new ideas and everybody has a chance to create a good idea in their field. Your innovative computer software or mobile application can help humanity only if humanity hears about it. Even the act of participating in A’ Design Award & Competition will net you publicity, and the best works will win numerous awards which turn the entire world into your market. At our winner’s gala-night you will get an opportunity to meet the representatives of the media and world’s biggest companies which deal in information technologies like development of computer programs and algorithms, your work will be featured in our publication which is translated into most languages worldwide, you will have the right to use the A’ Design Award & Competition Logo in the future and there are numerous other benefits contained in our A’ Design Winner Kit. Our jury will judge the creations paying attention to all the aspects. In the Information Technologies category functionality, ease of use, speed, interactiveness but also emotional aspects are being judged above all else. Uniqueness, of course, stands out the most in this category. You can view more detail concerning this category as well as previously awarded designs at the category description page at Since you are reading this text you probably have a computer program, plugin, mobile application or something similar you could present. In case your software offers some never before seen features like for example, different way of interaction between the computer and the user or the first step into the field of artifical inteligence then you are at the right place. Fill out our documentation to present us all the benefits of your design and open yourself new possibilities. Do not hesitate because maybe your idea will be the one to change the world. The competition is open and you can send your work at:


This article was added on Tuesday, 3rd of February, 2015 at 06.17 am by author Milan Martinjuk Tags: information technologies design award, information technologies design competition, information technologies contest, computer software competition, computer software contest, mobile application contest, mobile application award, mobile application competition, algorithm design competition, algorithm design award, algorithm design competition. Read our copyright policy here.


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