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The International Futuristic Design Award is open for submissions

The International Futuristic Design Award is open for submissions

The Futuristic Design award is an opportunity for Visionary designers to share their innovative ideas about the future of design.

Visionary designers all around the world are invited to join the Futuristic Design competition, to share with a bigger audience their ideas for a future of design innovation. This contest is for those professionals who think big and don't allow themselves to be stopped by seemingly impossible challenges. Any designer, who comes up with a smart and aesthetically pleasing idea that can't be realized yet with the current technology, should join the contest. All of the concept stage futuristic works submitted by international designers will be collected and then evaluated by a jury composed by professional and academic experts. It is a chance for a truly innovative project to reach a broader audience and be realized in a near future. Winners will receive an invitation to the exclusive Gala-Night that takes place yearly in a splendid venue in Italy. During this event, every category winner will be celebrated by the awarding of the A' Design trophy, a stainless steel memento of a milestone in the Winner's career. The A' Design logo is, as a matter of fact, often associated with quality and perfection and its license of use will be given freely to the winner. Moreover, the Gala-Night will be a perfect occasion for meeting talented professionals in all fields, thus creating a wonderful opportunity to establish a network of cooperation that will make it more likely for the concept stage futuristic project to be actually realized. The competition and its participants will get a full media coverage by advertisements in both traditional magazines and digital publications. If you decide to submit your work, you have to know that your design must be a not yet realized project that will be evaluated on multiple dimensions: design, future techniques and future material of choice. Here is a list of the entries, in the form of HD pictures and a presentation, that could be submitted: futuristic product designs, future interiors, future architecture and sci-fi interior settings. The competition is now accepting new entries, submit now. For more information please visit


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