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Call for Submissions to Unexpected Design Award

Call for Submissions to Unexpected Design Award

Invitation for entering the the Unexpected Design Competition

For all of you who had an idea for a solution to problems that no one ever knew existed, the A’ Award for Unexpected Design is a chance to show off your ingenuity. This particular category is made with the most outlandish and unheard of designs in mind and no submission is too unique for it. Anything from 3D printed urns to unique solutions for arm-rests will land you in this category. This award draws the attention of the world’s greatest designer minds and also attracts huge media coverage, so the lucky winner has almost unlimited possibilities for growth of both himself and his design. A’ Design Award includes a multitude of benefits, such as: both the preparation for and the distribution of press release for your design, a certificate designating you as the winner of A’ Design Award as well as a 3D printed trophy, a publication in the book of winning designs published yearly, an opportunity to have your design exhibited for free including an A2 poster of the winning design, an invitation to the exclusive gala-night and a Proof of Creation document. All of these benefits and much more are tailored to help the winner present his creation to the world in the best light. The best part is that you do not have to be an accomplished designer to enter. This particular category is especially well suited for both big designer companies and young designers yearning for fame and recognition alike. If you are looking to engrave your name in the walls of designer history, A’ Design Award can be the ultimate first stepping stone as it will separate your design from the crowd and allow it to be presented in the most distinguished design magazines and online sources worldwide. And since the jury comprises of both the most recognized Academic names and ordinary people, your design will have an opportunity to catch an eye of a lot of different people. For any further information on the A’ Design Award and the Unexpected Design Category visit: The competition is currently open for application and submissions will be received at any time, so apply now since no one will bring you fame and recognition but yourself.


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