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Social Design Award Applications are now Being Accepted Now

Social Design Award Applications are now Being Accepted Now

The Social Design Competition targets individuals, institutions and businesses that create social value.

The A’ Social Design Competition is open now. It is designed for people who have social design work both in the concept stage and realized stage (experts), Research and Development centers, governments, research companies, metropolitans, design institutions and many other businesses in the industry. The contest invites projects, installations and services from any entity on earth as long as the project is professional. It is a global competition that will recognize great talents, skills, and knowledge. When submitting your entry to the Social Design Award, it will be imperative to explain how your design will change the world in a positive manner. This is the main point of focus when judges will be choosing winners. All people and companies that wish to participate are asked to submit a high resolution image of their social responsibility project. They will also consider your emotional and functional aspects of the service or product, as well as the level of creativity, beauty, usefulness, functionality and the ability of the design to interact smoothly with humans. The A’ Social Design Award will be given to every person or company that receive enough votes to win the competition. Because of winning the award, winners will get a lot of freebies, including communication and marketing services aimed at publicizing their A’ Award. This will serve as the certificate of merit and excellence and will be a perfect milestone in the careers of winners. Winners will be added to the A’s book of the year. The book will then be distributed to magazine editors and other entities in the social design sector. Being featured at the Mood museum is a must but permanent display will go to excellent winners only. All winners of the competition will be promoted to newspapers, magazines, press releases and other publishing mediums. This is your opportunity to shine not only locally but also internationally.


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