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Submit your Food, Beverage or Culinary Art at the A Design Competition

Submit your Food, Beverage or Culinary Art at the A Design Competition

The Food, Beverage and Culinary Art Design Award aim to publicize and promote your cookery skills, culinary designs and expertise to a worldwide audience.

There is a mega competition taking place soon for all professionals in the food, beverage and culinary arts field. This is none other than the A’ Food, Beverage and Culinary Art Design Competition. It is presented by A’ Design Award and Competition. Foodstuff, beverages and culinary things made by manufacturers from all over the globe can be submitted. The A’ Food, Beverage and Culinary Art Design Award is the main goal for everyone. All worldwide professionals are invited to contest for this globally-accepted award. It is not just a simple award that will be forgotten after the event. This award will open new doors and capture the interests of food, beverage and culinary arts companies, connoisseurs and other interest groups. Each will want to be associated with the winners, and might provide high-profile sales leads. Besides, winners of the A’ Food, Beverage and Culinary Arts Design Award will receive extensive marketing and communication services without paying anything. Their winning products will be published on the internet, magazines, A’ Resultbook and newspapers among other publications. Influential magazine editors and relevant gourmet companies will get the A’ Resultbook. News of the winners will reach big audiences worldwide via perfectly written press releases. The A’ Award brings nothing but fame and success in your cookery career. The adjudicators and judges will include renowned gourmets and a focus group that will taste every product that will be submitted and rank it. To become eligible for this award, you have to be an owner of a business in Hospitality, Tourism and Travel industry. Alternately, you can be a manager or a representative of such a business. A single entry will be evaluated on many aspects by respectable gourmets. The product that will be submitted should be physical as it will be tasted. As well, an image should be submitted along with the product. An ingredient list can be handed over as well. But the competition does not allow submissions of recipes for either beverages or foods. If you have a packaging, send it as well.


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