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Attention Everyone - Entries for the Movie and Animation Design Competition Are Now Open

Attention Everyone - Entries for the Movie and Animation Design Competition Are Now Open

Participating in the Movie and Animation Design Competition will get you an Award that will change your career for good.

There are many ways to get ahead in your Movie and Animation career. Even so, there are rare opportunities that can get you ahead faster and earlier than you ever expected. The A’ Movie and Animation Design Competition is a good example. This is not the sort of contest you do on the internet to win some bucks or freebies. This is a mega contest that will be made of worldwide industry players. It is an ideal competition for filmmakers, producers, directors and other businesses in the filmmaking industry. Entries are needed for non-distributed and distributed film content like web-based videos, short movies, animations, reality shows, entertainment programs, commercials, independent productions, theatrical trailers and other related programs. The genre of your movie is not a problem as all genres are acceptable. Judges will be interested in the quality and perfection depicted by your design. Hence, you are advertised to send what you consider to be an excellent design in your entire portfolio. The A’ Design Award for Movie and Animation competition winners is a very valuable present. In addition to receiving a trophy because of winning, you will get an A’ Certificate. This certificate will be recognized and usable everywhere on earth. This award is such a big achievement that you will get published on magazines, books, online media, newspapers and press releases. As the news of your achievements get disseminated across the world, big companies, prestigious magazines and film parties in the industry will ask to get in touch with you. The A’ Movie and Animation Design Competition is open to young directors and film studios that are just starting to release their first trailers. It is a chance for them to develop their projects further to reach the production and commercialization stages. What’s more, young directors and big design companies are guaranteed of getting mentorship from industry leaders as well as learn new ways to promote their products.


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