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Send an Application for the Photography and Photo Manipulation Design Competition

Send an Application for the Photography and Photo Manipulation Design Competition

Your turn to shine in photography and photo manipulation design is here: Join the A contest for photographers and photo manipulators.

Good publicity, locally and internationally, can take your photography and photo manipulation design career to the next level. But how can a highly skilled, talented and hard working designer like you get known beyond your town? It is simple: submit your application to the A’ Photography and Photo Manipulation Design Competition today. Whether you do photography part-time or fulltime, this contest is meant for you. The same applies to owners of stock photography studios or another business in the photography and photo manipulation field. The A’ Design Competition for photographers and photo manipulators is open to all nationalities. Where you come from is of no importance. Your perfection and creativity in your work is what the jury wants to evaluate. The winner will get the precious A’ Design Award that is specially designed for Photography and Photo Manipulation Design category. This award depicts massive victory, seeing that you will be competing with global photographers and designers. Accompanying the award is the A’ Award Design and Competition certificate. This certificate will be recognized and accepted worldwide. The winning design will grab the attention of global design corporations that might hire the genius behind its creation. Thus, winning the A’ Photography and Photo Manipulation Design Competition is extremely important. Free extensive promotion and communication services are provided to the winners. In addition to being displayed on the A’ best designs book, the design that will be selected as winner will be shown at the A’ museum. Excellent design might be exhibited at the museum for good. All winners will be seen on newspapers, magazines, webzines and other kinds of publishing platforms. The A’ Photography and Photo Manipulation Design Competition’s eligibility is just a submission of the required materials. You may submit one photograph and its close-ups, a set of five photos, five distinct photos from your collection or an original photo with its copies/variations. If you have a pdf that explains your submissions, feel free to submit it as well.


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