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Enter the Home Appliances Design Competition

Enter the Home Appliances Design Competition

The Home Appliances Design Award winners will get global connections with entities like high-profile magazine editors, design media, design leaders and companies and so much more.

The A’ Home Appliances Design competition is a worldwide contest designed for people who work in the Home Appliances Design field. It is open to submissions of upcoming young designers, experienced professionals, and related manufacturers and companies. The main goal of the A’ Home Appliances Design competition is to give the winners the A’ Home Appliance Design Award, a prestigious award that is recognized globally. To become a candidate for the hotly contested A' Home Appliances Design Award, you have to submit your product photos along with the product manual and packaging. Your submission will be judged on many dimensions, explaining why all the three items mentioned above must be submitted. Selection of top appliance designs is done based on various aspects of the product, including ease of use, innovativeness, ergonomics, efficiency, and aesthetics and so on. This is your opportunity to compete and win the A’ Award, which will become your ticket for success in your career and business. Winners are promised of extensive publicity particularly because their designs will be shown to the world via A’ best designs book. This book is read worldwide and is disseminated to glamorous magazine editors and big companies in the design niche. What’s more winning designs will be displayed at the A ’Design Award and Competition MOOD museum, and might even be exhibited permanently. The winner will also get a beautiful trophy, a certificate, sticker templates to attach to their products and the A’ seal that depicts design excellence. Above all, your winning design will appear on webzines, newspapers and magazines among other publications. You may want to know that the A’ Home Appliances Design Competition will attract a global team of judges who hold titles like chief executive officer, faculty head, professor, head designer and so on. Are you ready to compete? Bring your concept stage products to the A’ Home Appliances Design competition and improve your chances of winning the precious A’ Award that will be an early indicator of success. Additionally, bring your realized designs if you are already established in the field to gain more recognition on a global platform.


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