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Graphic Designer Awards

Graphic Designer Awards

With hundreds of creative design categories to be won by the finest graphic designers from all over the world, The A Prime Design Award and Competition can bring prestige, recognition and fame to outstanding graphic designers.

The A' Design Award and Competition has become one of the worlds’ largest and most prominent design accolade, which has as a main goal to create publicity, PR and advertisement opportunities for awarded designers. The organizers believe that graphic design has the intuitive power to communicate with people regardless their language and culture, and the media of graphic design reflect their belief. A’ Design Award & Competition supports the global communication culture of graphic design, creating incentives for entrants and helping to discovering and identifying the future generation of graphic designers through awards and free of charge promotion. The competition has a unique system for graphic designers to get fame and recognition for their winning ideas. In this respect, registration and submission to A' Design Award and Competition platform is totally free of charge. The simple registration brings to designer access to many free services and functions such as preliminary evaluation and scoring. They have to pay a nomination fee only if their designs are accepted in the contest after the free preliminary scoring. In other words, nothing to lose, everything to win! Moreover, this interactive system allows the designers to sell their winning ideas to sponsor companies, as the companies can bid for the competing design ideas in order to buy the designs they like. The award-winning designs are communicated to the international public and to all relevant press across the world. And the benefits continue many years after getting the A’ Design Awards as the system provides an online exhibition and creates free profile pages for designers, where they can write their biography and create an extensive online portfolio, all free of charge. The deadline for submission is 28th of February, but you should do it earlier to get the preliminary score and professionals’ recommendations for improving your presentation.


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