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Best Website Design Awards

Best Website Design Awards

In the world of web design, most designers could feel they lack recognition and opportunities to showcase their works as a form of modern art. Fortunately the A Design Award recognizes outstanding website designers for excellence and professionalism in their field.

Among the 100 categories of A’ Design Award & Competition, the largest design competition in the world, there is a special one dedicated to web designers: Website & Web Design Awards. We all know that web design a super-discipline that includes web graphic design, web engineering and web development and a lot of other related skills, just to begin with. To be considered professionals in the field, the web designers must know about production and planning of websites, online interactive applications and cloud based software, software engineering and coding and interface design. And if they don’t have a good copywriter, proficient in creative writing and search engine optimization, their hard work can be wasted in anonymity... Therefore, the A’ Website & Web Design Award was created as a multi-disciplinary design award, meant to reward the hard work of the best and the most complex web designers across the world. Accordingly, the Web Design category is still open until 28th of February to submissions of websites, cloud based software, online applications, web pages, widgets and applets realized by companies and design studios worldwide. The awarding criteria of web design projects were set by the prestigious professionals in the field: content, visual and graphic design, structure and coding, navigation and user-flow, interactivity, and accessibility. These aspects are not considered separately, but as an overall experience for end users. Winning the Web Design Award means to draw the attention of design media and industry leaders to your business by publicity and dissemination through awarding and also by the PR campaigns targeting a worldwide audience, all as free benefits for all A’ Design Award winners.


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