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International Product Design Awards

International Product Design Awards

A Design Awards for tens of product categories were created as a response to the lack of international recognition and prestige for the smart, multi-functional and sustainable design of products worldwide.

The A’ Design Awards & Competition aims to recognize and promote the best products designers in the world and to uncover emerging talent in all the creativity areas. Until 28th of February, product designers from all countries are invited to submit their concept stage or realized works under tens of categories varying from furniture and jewelries, clothing and accessories, digital and electronic devices to toys, vehicles, marine vessels and aircrafts. If you are wondering why A’ Design Awards 100 categories, you should find some important things on networking effects and how they can get you fame and recognition across the world. A’ Design Award & Competition is the first international design competition developed through research, which has been created with the specific goal to increase the overall value creation for all participants, not for individual or specific participants. In order to add value to A’ Design award, the winners are provided the opportunity to reach an international audience who already knows about the award value. Moreover, besides the final audience learning about the winners (the general and design oriented public), the competition connects the product designers with the stakeholders, which can provide countless professional opportunities to participants and add prestige both to A’ Design Award and the overall organization. The benefits of A’ Design Award are not limited to those mentioned so far. In business terms, such an award is a certificate of quality that increases brand value, brand awareness and product sales as the winning designs get international exposure. In addition, A' Design Award Winner logo helps the potential customers to easily make their decision, based on the international prestige of the award.


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