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Call for Submissions to Intelligence in Design Competition

Call for Submissions to Intelligence in Design Competition

Registration period is now open for submissions to Diligence and Intelligence in Design Competition, which allows Design Oriented Companies to get a global recognition.

Design and innovation are increasingly becoming part of every Modern Company. Created for people who work in an organization that values the integration of design elements in various levels, this competition will help the company to stand out and be recognized by the general audience. Any Company who is Design Oriented can submit its own presentation by describing the story of the institution with the help of written contents and visual representations. The participants will be evaluated by experts in the field and academic representatives. In order to be selected, the presentation should meet the following criteria: 1. Coherence, meaning that the design integration in the facility must be shown on paper; 2. Methodology used to reach this result;3. Data Consistency, explaining the collection of data; 4. Original Contribution and Critical Qualities, which refers to how the Company falls within a specific topic relevant to Design industry; 5. Bibliographic references; 6. Clarity, in order to demonstrate a point and have conclusion; 7. Design of the Poster. Top Organizations or Institutions that distinguish themselves in this field will win the prestigious A' Design Award, an elegant trophy, small in size, that looks like a piece of jewelry. Plus, all winners will get the opportunity of featuring the A' Design logo near their own in marketing presentations, in order to increase credibility, respect and recognition in every specific sector. Winners will also get an invitation to the A' Design Gala-Night, which takes place in Italy every year, and they will be presented a framed Certificate of Excellence that could be hung in the office as a reminder of the victory. In addition to that, winners will get a full media coverage, both on traditional magazines and digital publications, and the possibility for their work to be translated in more than 20 languages. Every non-design enterprises, institutions and companies are eligible for entering the contest, only a single entry is permitted for each participant in this category. By joining the contest, your company will attract the media attention and the name of your business will be recognized worldwide. The registration period is now open, if you wish to know more please visit


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