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Green Design Awards 

Green Design Awards 

Green design specialists with new and innovative work are being called to enter their projects in A Design Award & Competition.

Going green is a term that has gained a huge following in the past decade. Once people began to realize that the natural resources of the earth were not going to last forever unless they were protected from the ravages of mankind this phrase began to be popular. The green design awards are meant to honor the top products, packages, and ideas that are going to reduce waste of natural resources, provide cleaner air, or water, or produce fewer greenhouse gases that destroy the atmosphere. Green awards are awarded to people who work in sustaining livestock and wildlife by eliminating the pesticides used on pastures and in food. The awards are given to people who eliminate the use of chemicals on the food for human consumption. If your work helps to protect any natural resource, or stop the over-usage of plastics and things that are filling our landfills then you more than likely qualify as a registrant for green design awards. You may not realize that you can register your design with A Design Award Competition by going to their online website. In a few short minutes you can have your idea registered as a competition for a green design award against the other products in that category. Winning the A Design Award & Competition could be life changing for you and your product. The winner of the award gets the normal accolades of a trophy, and certificates proving that they created the idea. They also get the unique opportunity to receive help in announcing their winning status, and marketing their product, or idea. Many ideas do not see fruition because their creator did not have the resources available to market them and advertise them with the people who would be interested in them. All areas of green design will be included in the judging. Just by signing up with A Design Award & Competition you will let other people interested in green designs know what you have been working on. If you want to sell your design you will increase the odds that it will sell quickly, and to the right companies, by entering the competition. If you want to work with other people and further develop your ideas you will find the contacts you receive by entering more valuable than gold.


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