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World Design Days

World Design Days

Every year, between 12 and 15 April, are the World Design Days. The aim of the World Design Days is to create awareness for design for multiple demographics. World Design Days aims to promote design for a better, brighter future where good designs serve to mankind through improvements in the quality of live by socio-cultural, economic, and environmental innovations.

World Design Days is a four day period each year, each day focusing on a different demographic and theme. The first day, April 12th is highlighted as; Design Futuristic Day : A Day designated to celebrate conceptual and futuristic design works; this day is perfect for design workshops and activities revolving around futuristic design themes, the target audience is youth and young adults. The second day, April 13th is marked as the International Creativity, Inspiration and Imagination Day: A very special day when creativity is praised; this day is an ideal excuse to make creative activities with kids. April 14th was decided as the World Design Day where the aim is to create awareness and drag attention to design value and issues. This day targets a mature audience and suggested activities include lectures, workshops and seminars. Finally, the last day; April 15th is announced as the Designers' Day; the purpose of this day is for designers to highlight and promote design as a profession and also to provide designers a day to celebrate and enjoy their profession more. We hope that the list of events held around the globe would continue annually to raise awareness about design worldwide from different perspectives, generations and demographics.

12 - 15 April Annually


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