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Architectural Design Awards

Architectural Design Awards

The best architectural designs and designers and the greatest architects are on the Architectural Design Awards.

If you are looking for architects who are at the top of the list? The top greatest architects, the best of the best. Where do you looking for? In a search engine or may be looking for the best architectonic building, or the best urban design projects, or the best architecture offices to find the architect who did the greatest work. Exists a solution for this, you only need find on the Architectural Design Awards Winning, where the best projects where awarded with the prize. You can find it at: And if you are an architect or have an architect company, and you did the best architectural design, with the best criterial on innovation, uniqueness, social impacts, environment friendliness, energy usage and project specific criteria. Then you should be on the list, this is the moment to entry your work at the A’ Design Award and Competition, and if you project is selected, you or your company will be on the top list of the Architectural Designers. In a simple way you can entry your work at: And being nominated to the award or being a winning of the award, you have more benefits, like: get a public relations package called the “A’ Design Prize” that includes translation of their award winning entry to many foreign languages that will be published around the world, press release preparation, press release distribution, communication to thousands of the best design publications as well as physical or poster exhibition of works in Italy and an exclusive invitation to the award gala night and ceremony. The registration to the A’ Design Awards period is still open and online and will be accepted at where there are also further guidelines for entries, jury list and evaluation criteria available. You must take part if you are an architect and want separate you from the rest of the actors in the architectural industry by honoring your institution with a prestigious award.


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