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Marketing Design Awards

Marketing Design Awards

The Marketing is changing in an evolutionary pace and a prize will be awarded to the best marketing projects and works.

The Marketing although his birth was in the early years of the last millennium around the world, we should focus in recent years to begin to perceive a significant advance in business marketing. The time is playing live is not just an evolutionary time but constantly changing and very fast, especially when new technologies have acquired a large business role. Producing and selling were the main objectives of the strategies 40-50 years ago and the level of success can be measured by market share had the company; now this term is being replaced. This is a radical change in the vision of marketing, because if the local market cannot grow, the company must opt out internationally or improve customer loyalty. Furthermore, the introduction of new technologies is transforming work in marketing departments, opening possibilities to predict a difficult time; all this drags us to give a strategic dimension of our activity with the greatest influence on the decisions of senior management is acquired. The evolution of social media, the internet and the role of market segmentation makes mass advertising as usual was configured give a greater role to that from the beginning of the 80s come advising: Comprehensive communication.The Advertisements Design Prize is an annual Juried Design Trophy organized by A' Design Award & Competitions and will be rewarded the better marketing projects, which will be evaluated in many aspects according to form, functional and emotional aspects of the design; submissions are further considered for their degree of innovation, aesthetic qualities, medium of choice, creativity and usefulness in addition to ease of realization and application efficiency, attraction and accessibility. Receiving the Marketing Design Award is the highest honor for marketing industry, promise fame, prestige, publicity and international awareness and give to the winner the recognition for excellence around the world. And if you are interested to know the previous winners and the best marketing project winners of the prize in the A’ Design Award and Competition you can learn more about this competition at


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