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Bar and Restaurant Design Awards

Bar and Restaurant Design Awards

Architects and architecture studios looking for recognition enter the A Prime Interior Design Competition!

Have you recently designed the interior of a bar or a restaurant? Are you a young architect or interior designer? Do you run a company that provides architecture services? If you’ve answered yes to one of these questions, then you should waste no time in entering one of your design to the A' Interior Design Competition, a freestyle design competition on A’ Design. Winning this competition means a lot more than just an award for you. It basically tells the entire interior and architecture design community that you are a force not to be meddled with as you have shown quality and perfection in your field. This award is recognized internationally and can pave the way for you to a lot more work and a lot of exposure with major names in your field. Design oriented companies usually look up participants and winners of the A' Design Award for Interior Design when trying to find their next prospect candidate for hire. The media coverage you will receive as a winner is the envy of all in the industry. A’ Design makes sure that the winner is announced to magazine and newspapers in over forty languages all over the world. So, no matter where you live, you know your work will be reaching a great audience. A’ Design also links up the winners with the leading companies in the industry. Such introductions can prove invaluable to young architects who need the recognition to move up in the world. Your bar or restaurant design will be judged by a jury composed of Academic and Professionals in the industry from all over the world. They look at your work from the design perspective, its functionality and even how it applies. While this is a great way to categorize entries into the competition, A’ Design go one step further and show the selected designs to a focus group who then score the design without being biased by the aesthetics as professionals are.


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