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Graphics Design Competition

Graphics Design Competition

If you are a graphic designer, why not place your amazing designs in a competition to win awards and get recognition for your efforts!

Any graphic designer would be thrilled to receive recognition and fame for their work. If you are someone who works with graphic design such as symbols, logos, typography, print material, 2D graphics, visual communications, and more, you can take part in an open competition today! The A' Graphics and Visual Communication Design Competition is open for all graphic designers to showcase their talent and possibly win amazing prizes. Imagine working hard on some great graphic design work and then entering it into a competition. Even before winning such a prestigious and internationally-recognized award, you and your work will be exposed to peers in the industry as well as huge decision makers who are always on the lookout for new talent to hire. This kind of exposure is what all graphic designers dream of. Taking that one step further, imagine actually winning the A' Graphics and Visual Communication Design Competition! A’ Design will give you all the needed coverage for your award in all sorts of printed and online media. They will also publish your design in their book, which is distributed to all the makers and breakers of the design industry. All you need to do to enter the competition is send high-resolution images of your design along with a presentation on what the design is intended to be used for. This is because aside from being judged for your creative process and design, you will also be judged in how correctly the design will be applied. Previous winners and current contestants in the A' Graphics and Visual Communication Design Competition have all benefited from the great recognition and prestige this award gives them. It is a true achievement and an honor for any graphic designer or visual communications designer to hold. As such a designer, gain the recognition and the bragging rights you deserve by entering this competition.


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