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Fashion Industry Awards

Fashion Industry Awards

Fashion designers of all sorts of apparel and accessories can enter the A Design Award for fashion today!

Are you a fashion industry professional? Have you designed clothes, shoes, accessories and other apparel? Maybe it’s about time you should get recognized for them! The A' Fashion, Apparel & Garment Design Competition is a world class award that is open to fashion designers, tailors, stylists and even all sorts of companies from the industry. The designs submitted to the competition can be directly off the runway or simply concepts that have not yet been realized. The A’ Design Award is a very prestigious title to carry for anyone in the field of fashion design. In fact, it has worldwide recognition and is directly focused on companies and professionals in the fashion industry. Winning such an award for any designer means a huge furthering of their career because the winner actually gets huge coverage in the media as well as having their winning designs published in the A’ best designs book. This book, which is available all over the world, is also directly sent to magazine editors and design companies. Furthermore, the winning design goes on display at the A’ Design exhibition in Italy while the best ones remain permanently in the exhibition. Besides this amazing Winner’s Kit and trophy, the recognition that both the participants and the winners receive is enormous. This is a great way to get acknowledged in your line of work while also being a brilliant way for beginners to get launched into their career in fashion design. In addition, holding such a prestigious title can bring a lot of self-fulfillment to any person in any field of fashion design. Check out the award today to see submissions, previous and current winners, and even all the categories available for entry. What’s more, there is no hidden nomination fee as is the case with other such awards.


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