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Free Design Competitions

Free Design Competitions

Free could mean a sense of freedom, lack of requirement, no payment or cheapness. Here are the four types of free design competitions and how to find them.

At Design Competition list at you will be given thousand different design awards, competitions and contests, among them some are free(1), and some others are free(2), free(3) or free(4) : Here is what I mean: Some are free(1) in the sense that they are free to join; there are no fees, and are organized by respected and reputable institutions, offering good conditions and terms of participation. Some are free(2) such as international design awards or competitions where you could submit any type of idea or design. The free types 1 and 2 are good, you can join such competitions. Then there are of course free(3) i.e. the type of design competitions that do not give you anything in return; because you are free; you are not given a worth. Furthermore, there are the free(4) competitions which are free to steal and take your ideas. These cheap competitions, usually are design contests organized by design contest platforms, are simply there to legally take your ideas without paying you proper compensation. So do not join free competitions and contests unless you want to lose your time, efforts and mood. Some very worst free competitions are carefully designed to legally steal your ideas; i.e. they have terms and conditions that favor the organizers in an unimaginable way. Check out the if you want to find the very best design awards and competitions that truly respect the designers rights, join only the awards that have a high score at competition ratings, or check yourself for the terms and conditions very carefully.


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