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Bid for World Design Hub

Bid for World Design Hub

Applications for World Design Hub designation are open. Apply to become the center of world design to promote your city.

The International Association of Designers (IAD) announced the launch of the World Design Hub (WDH) application cycle for the next designation, which will mark a new cycle for this global design awareness initiative. IAD invites representatives of design effective cities from around the globe to submit their proposals. The aim of the World Design Hub designation is to accelerate the designated cities in terms of tourism, economics and value creation capabilities through design, the WDH designation is open to application by cities and countries who wish to organize a series of design events in order to create design awareness among the citizens by showcasing the impact of design in their city through exhibitions, workshops, conferences. The WDH Designation is especially important for any city who wish to position itself as a leader in design, arts and culture. Application to the WDH designations are accepted through the special website at The overall value proposition of the program is to push the designated cities further by creating a vision for their citizens to take part in design activities that could create cultural, economic and financial value. Events such as business x designer networking sessions, meetings, symposiums, talks, design awards and other similar initiatives that are organized as part of the WDH is the catalyst to help cities move forward through higher levels of value creation; from natural resources to finished products, from finished products to services, from services to product-services & information industries; i.e. to push cities from the primary sectors to second and tertiary sectors which implies higher GDP per citizen due to increased added value created by the companies. The initiative provides unique opportunities for municipal leaders and local governments to apply effective design principles, systems and methodologies into city administration which would result in appreciation of the citizens; increasing the quality of life in a city, by design events, and economic activities creates positive outcomes. To leverage the WDH platform to create a better city, for city promotion, to nurture tourism, to promote economy and culture, visit


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