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Publishing a Design Book

Publishing a Design Book

Your design book could be useful for promoting your design business and your name as an expert designer. Here is how to get it published.

You can of course DIY and publish your design book yourself. You can even construct your own house; you are a designer. However as we all know, somethings are better left to the experts that are specialized in their own fields, those who have established credibility, trust and confidence among their peers, clients and friends. So how do you become an expert? You can start by publishing a design book which could immediately help you position yourself as the expert in your design field. If you publish your own book however the chances that your book could potentially look amateur, therefore it is always better to get some professional help. Designer Press is providing a new service that helps designers, artists and architects to publish their coffee table style design books in a very professional way within a reasonable time period of six months. The Designer Press design books feature the very best designs from the portfolio of authors among with blocks of text and explanations of the design work. By publishing yourself as a designer, you can unlock potential for new clients, reach new audiences and get competitive advantage over other design business owners by being the expert who has published a book. The service Designer Press provides is not a DIY platform, they will literally help you in all the stages of the book to get it ready in two languages; English and Italian. If you wish to have a great design book published, head over to Designer Press and say Hi!, they will respond you fast and you will get your design book published within six months. Learn more at


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