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Design Awards International Edition

Design Awards International Edition

Established in 2009 as a result of an idea to highlight the value and quality of design oriented products, projects and services the award is the most significant and influential Italian design award.

The award is open to businesses, designers, distributors, schools and institutions as well as product manufacturers, service suppliers and professionals. The award jury is made up of experts, designers, critics, theorists and specialist journalists, all constantly involved in finding the best designs worldwide. The Award’s attention is focused on the capacity of design to improve and innovate quality of life. The theme of the design award has been kept intentionally wide with over hundred different categories to submit works. To overall purpose is to invite a broad selection of participants in order to draw attention to the skills and capabilities that design has developed over the years. The award focuses to highlight both concept stage and realized works. The design award is open to companies and designers that have applied a design culture to innovation, research and development methods that are both advanced and culturally aware of the material and immaterial qualities of the products, systems and services involved.Special attention will be given to products, projects and systems that create additional value for the individual, the society and the environment and are advantageous for the communities, populations and economies that consume it. The International Design Award aims to bring designers, entrepreneurs, distributors, schools and universities, critics and experts from diverse sectors and operating in different countries in order to create a global awareness for good design practices and principles. Selected works will be published and exhibited in Italy.


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