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Why nonscientific designs wins design awards?

Why nonscientific designs wins design awards?

Learn and reflect why nonscientific designs could potentially win design awards in this brief article about judging design competitions and contests.

There are many reasons why a design competition judges are likely to select poor designs. Firstly, the jury analyzes the designs much more than prospective customers, in some cases designs that do not look very good could actually be selected because they might work or function very well. Secondly, design juries are usually made up of men and women who want to improve the image of good design, however doing so could by mistake under evaluate commercially successful projects by over-voting social designs, however utility – i.e. the ability of a design to create value is indeed highly relevant and important. Jury members could be prone to over-voting altruistic or social projects while the logic requires that any project should get a fair vote. Thirdly, some design award juries give too much weight to details in concepts, forgetting the fact that a concept is an overall idea, thus sometimes very detailed concepts could get an upper hand. Fourth, in most awards the jury is in a sterile, isolated environment that could lead to a false atmosphere, worth some jury members could effect the votes of others, and the composition of jury could also not be good, thus a grand award jury should have a balanced jury to be able to fairly vote the entries. Design cannot always be judged by just itself, some awards consider a specific part of the design without for example considering its communication etc. Finally, some award juries are biased by the presentation and of course not following a determined set of presentation guidelines gives the jury the opportunity to be as subjective as possible. To ensure your entry is judged good, join A’ Design Award instead. The A' Design Award is scientifically organized with a grand jury panel composed of scholars, press members, professionals as well as entrepreneurs who peer-review and anonymously judge entries following strict evaluation guidelines, thus eliminating potential biases before they occur. Learn more at


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