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Communication Design

Communication Design

Confessions on designing a successful communication.

Have an excellent product or idea but you are unable to communicate it clearly? Happens to best of us, here are some successful and tried tips on how to get your direct communications responded and prospective leads converted: A) To get it open you need to ensure delivery to inbox: 1. Trusted server, 2. Sending with Name & Surname, 3. Personalized Message. B) You need to ensure the email is opened. 1. Good Subject, 2. Good Sender Email Address or Domain (Do people know the sender?) C) You need to ensure the email is read. 1. Name of Recipient included: the message must not be generic looking, 2. Looks easy to read. 3. Good Content. D) You need to get action. 1. Call to Action, 2. Enough & attractive Information. E) You need to ensure it gets forwarded or delivered to the right person (and does not end up in the trash by the secretary who initially reads the email). 1. Add this line: If you are not the intended recipient of this communication, please do kindly forward to the right person in your institution. 2. Add this line. PS: Do you have someone who could benefit from this communication? Please forward to your colleagues, friends and associates. F) Make sure your email is relevant to the person, cultivate your leads correctly. G) Make sure you have a platform ready to capture the call to action through a Landing Page; i.e.: No need to email anyone if you have no further possibility of converting; if you ask people to register your site must have a registration form, if you want people to buy your product you must have a checkout or store already. Remember, if your communication is informative, people are more likely to respect and share it.


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