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Hub of the World Design

Hub of the World Design

The World Design Hub (WDH) is a city promotion project by the International Association of Designers to recognize contributions made by cities from across the world to the design field.

Is your city a World Design Hub? A World Design Hub (WDH) designation provides countless benefits to your city from enhancing tourism to countless events and activities that will enrich your life. The WDH program initially aims to create a global awareness for design and such the organized activities within the WDH are designed in a way to bring joy as well as to educate the population. Public design events, conferences, exhibitions, street performances, concerts as well as academic symposiums, international business matchmaking and networking sessions create a complete coverage of design activities. Gaining the WDH recognition could perhaps push cities several years further in advancement in design thanks to international interactions, knowledge transfer and networking opportunities. Each year, the WDH designation moves to another city where events, activities and happenings could be made. This moving structure and mobility provides equal opportunities to all world citizens to enjoy special design activities such as competitions, awards, conferences and more in their own city. If your city does not yet have received a World Design Hub designation, call your major now and ask them to apply at Citizens of WDH designated cities enjoy an augmented economy, liveliness, fun and culture through the organized activities.


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