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Designer Day

Designer Day

Did you know about the World Design Days? Every year the World Design Days are celebrated between 12 and 15 April worldwide. It is the perfect opportunity for designers from across the globe to rejoice.

Advocating the design, World Design Days seeks to form a unified understanding of good design and intends to help raise the standards and enhance the definition of the design discipline and its contributions to society by organizing the annual World Design Days. World Design Days is a four day period each year, each day focusing on a different demographic and theme. The first day, April 12th is highlighted as; Design Futuristic Day, April 13th is marked as the International Creativity, Inspiration and Imagination Day, April 14th is the World Design Day and April 15th is Designers' Day. In coordination with the activities simultaneously happening in cities all over the world the World Design Days are celebrated by leading design associations and organizations. The World Design Days WDD provides an opportunity for design associations to organize events which offer discussion of achievements, quality of life improvement & social contribution, as well as addressing the rapidly growing issues related to public, specifically in light of mounting evidence demonstrating the impact of good design practices such as sustainable design on well-being and healthy living of the society. WDD events brings together a large number of associates, friends of the organizing institution and design lovers worldwide to converge and network, discuss trends and seal business deals as well as to create a global opportunity for design. Celebrate World Design Days, head to for more information.

April 12-15


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