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Race of Ideas

Race of Ideas

Imagine a rally and a grand prix for your ideas, where you compete with your creativity and design talent.

Yes, we're sure you're hard at work on your A' Design Competition entries this year to win one of their fabulous trophies, as you would recall a design competition was announced to generate ideas to revitalize our planet, teams made up of the worlds’ top architects, engineers, and designers together with artists, photographers and video makers are invited to submit their best works, architectural projects, industrial designs, technical work, photos, video-art, installations and performing art works to encourage creative talent from across the globe. Winning the A’ Design Award is like taking part in a rally, it is a long way, and it is quite hard, and winning a Platinum A’ Design Award is like a Grand Prix, you must ensure perfection in your designs as even the smallest details can put you forward or behind. If you have a competitive spirit, if you think you can design faster, stronger, better and harder you must join the A’ International Design Competition. Winners get a load of benefits from international publicity to yearbook inclusion, exhibition invitation, gala-participation as well as a special public relations campaign. How to join? It is easy, head over to and you can register yourself and after registration login and upload your works, wait a bit for your preliminary score, and if there are any jury suggestions follow them, and nominate if the design is accepted to the competition. Start by visiting


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