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Get Your Designs Made in China

Get Your Designs Made in China

Here is how to get your designs produced in China, as well as some expert tips from the Design Mediators to all designers who wish to get it done right.

It is actually super easy to get your designs produced in China; here is the deal though: it costs money. Great news is that it does not cost so much either. Here is top tips on getting some Chinese manufacturer turn your designs into reality within budget and time. 1) The Golden rule about getting your designs produced correctly is the technical drawing. From our experience, manufacturers could actually produce your designs without any technical drawings or blueprints, however if you want quality (i.e. consistency of the product over time), you will need to make good technical drawings. Your blueprints not only includes measures and sizes, but it should as well explain materials or techniques used. Yeah right; you need to choose the material and explain the manufacturers how to produce your product correctly; so before getting your product manufactured, take your time and make a good study on materials by visiting material libraries etc and have the technical super ready, double-checked. Make a prototype yourself if you could, you could use 3D printing for a fast mockup. To remind you once again, the golden tip, is to have a good blueprint. 2) The Silver rule is requesting samples from manufacturers by paying sample or mock-up fees. Never order production without getting a good sample. 3) The Iron rule is financing. Remember that the only cost manufacturer tells you is the unit cost. But in reality you will need to pay: shipping, mockup costs, custom duties and others (bank commission from payments event). Usually, all these extra costs are equivalent to the product cost itself; so you will pay double whatever is quoted to you (especially if you order oversees shipment). Plus you might want to have protective packaging, or good looking attractive product packaging, and others additional services. 4) Get quotes from many companies before ordering samples, and always consider ordering samples from many companies to save time. You might use outsourcing sites such as alibaba to find producers and ask quotes. 5) Check each and every aspect of the sample before ordering the final piece, compare samples of different manufacturers carefully. 6) Bargain. 7) Contact Design Mediators for more expert tips! visit 8) Remember that you always have a risk of someone copying your design, so be extra careful!


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