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Marketing and Promoting Design Awards

Marketing and Promoting Design Awards

Work with DesignPRWire to promote your awards program, or at least read or top ten tips on how the get publicity for your design accolade.

Golden tips for your golden awards, follow these strategies to get more submissions, more entries and promote your accolades. Rule No.1 - Make it worth promoting, contact us for consultancy or for example use an awards program such as the Design League (checkout Rule No.2 - Pitch press, make a press release about your awards program, make another about your jury, make another about the call for entries, and of course make one about your results announcement. Rule No.3 - Be social, use the social media to communicate your awards program, connect to your members, consumers or audiences, advertise to your own database first. Rule No.4 - Be viral, for instance ask your participants to ask for votes, or provide them the possibility to share content. Rule No. 5 - Be Active and Proud, let people know, in numbers, the status; share records, breakthroughs and achievements of the program. Rule No. 6 - Advertise. Get a good budget for this, but remember, if your program must be good; go back to Rule No.1 - Make it a great design awards program worth promoting, this will ensure the highest conversion rate (more signups) and the best bang for your buck. You can spend your budget on traditional channels, radio or tv ads, direct mail, trade or niche publications, promoting articles, posts etc depending on the budget and purpose. Send emails to your own database, as well as others' databases if available. Rule No. 7 - Interface matters; the look matters; you should have a good looking website / presentation of your awards program (Remember Rule No.1), this will provide trust, as well as reliability, plus if you got a good UI, you can also speed up sign-up and entry submission processes which is great. Remember to include several key details such as Registration, Jury, How to Enter, Past Winners, Terms, Contacts etc. Rule No. 9 - Be professional, and respectful to entrants, remind them about the conditions of entry and evaluation methodology (and obey them), be transparent about judging procedure and rules, be clear about copyrights or industrial design rights, provide information regarding organizers, patrons or sponsors. Rule No. 10 - Incentive. Create a good incentive for people to share the news about your awards program; either make it a great program or offer good benefits to winners or make it very relevant to your niche so that it is specific to a certain audience. If you do not get the time or if you want to ensure to have the perfect campaign, simply contact us at


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