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Design Award Management

Design Award Management

Associations choose Design League for awards management to smoothly and efficiently run their awards programs.

Awards programs can create a magnitude of benefits for trade associations such as publicity, as an additional revenue stream as well as to promote members. However, most award programs require significant amount of labor for managing submissions, and furthermore more people required if the program must be more professional and smoothly run. The hardest process to manage manually is perhaps the submission and judging process which requires attention and delicate treatment of entries and votes. The Design League platform automates majority of tasks from communicating with participants to collecting entries which reduces costs of managing the platform. Using the Design League platform, you can just run a design competition or awards program without thinking on any technical details; during set-up the experts not only configure it totally (it is a turn-key solution), but you also got a chance to design in advance any future deliverables such as yearbook pages, certificates or communication letters that could be generated by the Design League with little interaction. Since using the Design League platform significantly reduces the time required for collecting entries, this way your staff can focus on perhaps on more relevant issues such as publicity. The Design League system ensures the award program run very efficiently, as well as fast and eliminates any human errors, but most importantly, it makes sure that all entries confirm to your criteria so that when jury starts judging through the interface (the voting module is available in Design League), they can focus on the entries rather than how they are presented. The Design League can be configured in a way to be integrated seamlessly to your existing association website, which increases the trust. Design League will also provide you detailed statistics and reports to see how your awards program is doing, but the key ingredient is the support team which installs it; not only you will get a great system to run the perfect design award program but you will also work with a great team that has run many awards and has knowledge to help you get started. Learn more about design league at


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