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2015-01-26 02:12:41


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Call for Exceptional Designs for Young Design Award
Invitation for participation in the Young Design Competition
Invitation to Nominate Your Designs to Idea Design Award
Join forces with elite designer community in an effort to touch, influence, impress and improve the world around us.
Call for Submission to Arts and Crafts Design Award
Enter the greatest international competition with your arts & crafts designs
Call for Nominations to Audio and Sound Design Competition
Taking part in the Audio and Sound Design Competition
Call for Applications to Meta, Strategic and Service Design Competition
Design Award invites you to present your Meta, Strategic and Service Design solution to the world.
Call to Performing Arts and Scenery Design Award
An invitation for performance and style application to the Design Award Competition
Call for Entry to Hardware, Power and Hand Tools Design Competition
Power Tools Design Competition
Call for Submissions to Unexpected Design Award
Invitation for entering the the Unexpected Design Competition
Present your innovative idea at the IT Design Competition
Show the entire world your creativity in the field of information technologies and open a way for your computer program or mobile application to the market
Apply your Heavy Machinery Design to The Design Award Competition
We are inviting you to submit your heavy machinery design in the agricultural, mining, earth-moving and similar fields to the design awards.
Call for Entries to Concealed, Hidden and Secret Design Competition
Invitation for participation in the design competition for designs not open to public



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» Invitation to Nominate Your Designs to Idea Design Award
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