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2015-01-23 09:54:31


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Marketing Design Awards
The Marketing is changing in an evolutionary pace and a prize will be awarded to the best marketing projects and works.
Ecommerce Design Awards
Today, ecommerce websites took an important role in our society and the Website Design Award will be given to the best ecommerce websites.
Restaurant Design Awards
The Restaurant Design Award are awarded to the best restaurants as an indicator of quality and perfection in interior design.
Event Design Awards
Be ready to take part in The Event Design Awards given for excellence in design within the event organization sector.
Landscape Design Awards
The innovation, uniqueness of the project, social impacts, environment friendliness, energy utilization are evaluated by professionals on Landscape Design Awards.
Interactive Design Awards
The future advances with the human interaction between technologies and systems, the interactive design awards will highlight the best interaction design projects.
Architectural Design Awards
The best architectural designs and designers and the greatest architects are on the Architectural Design Awards.
Costume Design Awards
The Costume Design Challenge invites all Costume Designers.
Kitchen Design Awards
They are rooms full of energy, aroma and texture. They were created for a purpose, a purpose in mind. They were created to be utilitarian spaces.
Jewelry Design Awards
The techniques of metalworking became more sophisticated and more intricate, the jewelry design awards are looking for the best jewelry designs.



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